Tiffany Glass, Devider & Stained Glass

Tiffany glass semarang officeTiffany Glass, Devider & Stained Glass.
Alamat: Jl Mayjen DI Panjaitan 56 Brumbungan Kampungkali Semarang 50135
Nomor Telepon: 024 3518706
Fax: 024 3518701

Tiffany glass establised in 1992, had exported stained glass product everywhere. Tiffany glass have supplied to Malaysian State Mosque at Putra Jaya, A Venetian table to Royal Family of Brunei, and decorated a Yacht owned by one of Microsoft director, history building in Oregon, churches in Europe.
Tiffany glass expert in making door and window panel from stained glass, carved glass, painted glass / airbrushed glass, ceiling cover, devider, table top, mirror, candle holder, statue all from glass.

Produk produk Tiffany Glass bukanlah produk massal, sama seperti butik pada industri pakaian, produk dibuat berdasarkan pesanan. Produk Stained glass / art glass dari Tiffany Glass Semarang ini keren keren. Berikut contoh foto foto yang pernah dibuat:

Candle holder art glass colourfull ceiling stained glass Etsa door Halma stair art nouveau glass by tiffany glass Semarang

Untuk foto salah satu portfolio dalam resolusi yang lebih besar, 1000px silakan klik gambar di bawah ini:
Mary n John di sebuah gereja di tegal, art stained glass

Keren khan, silakan yang mau pesan…


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