Agusta Triasa: Office and Business Solution

Agusta Triasa Pandanaran
One Stop Shopping and Main Supplier For: Business, Hospital, Workshop and Industry, Office, School & University, Small Office Home Office, Bank, Hotel in Semarang.

PT Agusta Triasa is an authorized dealer for all brands office and business equipment like ZTE, Sharp, Chairmana, Yamada, Amano, Hexo, Acroe, Panasonic, Capstone, Fellowes, Sony Ericcson, Chubb, Sharp, Bantex dll.

Division: Banking and Securities, Office Furniture and Filling System, Presentation, Computer and Technical Equipment, Industrial and Hospital Furniture, Office Machines and Telecommunications, Office Supplies and Stationery.

PT. AGUSTA TRIASA: Integrated Office and Business Solution
Alamat: Jalan Pandanaran 62 SEMARANG 50243
Nomor Telepon: 024 844 7333,
Nomor Fax: 024 844 8333,
SMS Centre. 08132-844-7333

Peta Lokasi: (lokasi di sebelah timur Hotel Pandanaran)

Industrial & Hospital Equipment:
Hospital Equipment, Hospital Bed, Baby Cot, Children Bed, Bed Screen, Stretcher, Wheel Stretcher, Stretcher Trolley, Trolley, Dressing Trolley, Pail Trolley, Cart Carriage, Instrument Carriage, Treatment Carriage, Medication Cart, Oxygen Bottle Cart, Phototherapy Unit, Bed Side, Cabinet & Locker, Instrument/Medicine Locker, Bedside Locker with shelf, Bedside Locker with roller, Stand & Table, Dressing container stand, Infuse stand, Small mayo stand, Small Instrument Table, Three basins instrument table, Lamp, Floor Lamp, Chair, Dentist Chair, Invalid Chair, Infant Warmer, Workshop Equipment, Cabinet & Cupboard, Drawer Cabinet, Work Bench, Cart & Carrier, Workshop Crane, Tanggem, Plastic Box

Presentation, Computers & Technical:
OHP, Screen, Direct Presenter, Multimedia Projector, Blueprint Machine, Duplicator, Drafting Machine, Drafting Board, Drafting Stand, Drafting Lamp, Computer, Personal Computer, Monitor, Notebook, Multimedia Kit, Modem, UPS & Stabilizer.

Office Furniture & Filling System:
Director Chair, Manager Chair, Kursi Lipat, Kursi Susun, Student Chair, Student Chair + Table, White Board, Swivel Chair, Filling Cabinet, Office Cabinet Half Height, Drawing Cabinet, Hydraulic Drawing Stand, Book shelves, Catalog.

Office Supplies & Stationer;
Cash Box, Calculator, Label Printer Stempel Trodat + Supplies Supplies Presentation, Computer, Technical OHP Pen Transparancy HVS Rapido Kalkir Ruler for Technical Use Hand Labeler Sato PB 220 Samark Supplies Stationery, Drawing Board, Daiichi Computer Supplies Epson Printer Cartridge HP Toner Cartridge Floppy Disk, Disk leaner Mouse, Canon Cartridge Screen/Monitor Filter Gel 3M Wrist Rest Fax Supplies Brother Sharp Panasonic Cash Register Cartridge Ink Roll Roll Paper Amano Time Attendance Card for Amano, Nikeda, Marusen Cartridge Rack Calculator Casio Ribbon Battery Roll Paper Battery (dry cell) Adaptor Electronic Typewriter Brother Cartridge Sharp Cartridge Canon Cartridge Olivetti Cartridge, Olympia CartridgeRoyal Cartridge Pelikan Cartridge Sharp Foto Copier Toner Drumkit Developer Heat Lower Cleaning Blade Laminating Plastic (A1, A2) ID Card (plastic) Label Printer Ribbon Adaptor Binder Machine Plastic Binding Wire Binding Lion & Max Product Stapler Paper Cutter Numerator Check Writer Perforator Stapler.


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