Samudera Indonesia

samudera indonesia SemarangSamudera Indonesia Semarang
Alamat: Jl Perkutut 2 Kota Lama Semarang 50121
Nomor Telepon: 024 3544929 – 3551549 – 3556463
No Fax : 024 3514237 – 3551549
Telex: 22250 SI SM IA
Website :


PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk was established in 1964. The core business of the Company is to provide comprehensive range of integrated cargo transportation and logistics services. With its fully integrated and diverse transportation services, the Company is capable of meeting the needs of both domestic and international customers for a door to door or one stop service. Since 1999, the Company has been publicly listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The location of Samudera Indonesia Semarang Branch just in meters of Gereja Blenduk.

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